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I’m Bhavna

A Holistic Health Coach specializing in plant-based nutrition, eating psychology and yoga. My mission is to help people awaken to their body’s intuitive wisdom and gain true and lasting health.

Join me to get started on a life-long journey to live in alignment with your highest goals and values.


You are here because

You are a busy professional or a homemaker, who wants to prioritize your wellbeing because, 

-Those kilos and inches have crept up on you and you would like to lose them
and get fit in a healthy sustained manner without losing your head!

-Your once buzzing energy levels have crashed to an all-time low, you have bloating,
acidity, and constipation, and you know that pills and supplements are not the answer.

-You want to steer clear of hormonal imbalances and lifestyle diseases, work in cleaner foods
and healthier habits such as exercise and meditation.

I know the tug of war with time and the anxiety of not feeling your optimum brings.
I am here to help you create the space to eat well,
move more, sleep deeply, and love yourself, along with an understanding of how to nourish yourself
in a natural way, just perfect for you. Through my coaching, you will come on a path where health comes
naturally, rather than something you are trying to chase.

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