I observed better sleep, felt extremely light and even lost 1.5kgs in the 3 Day program. !

I am a practising orthodontist since 35 years. I came across Bhavna’s post on my Instagram feed. I felt inspired to undertake the 3 Day Cleanse Challenge, as I have been on a gluten-free vegan diet for nearly a year.

Bhavna’s soothing energy, coupled with her intuitive guidance enabled me to successfully complete this challenge. Her inputs such as delicious recipes, their nutritional information, her pep talks on the importance of reducing bodily toxins + enhancing gut health, introducing 50 colors across fruits and vegetables – all contributed to my overall well-being improving significantly. I observed better sleep, felt extremely light and even lost 1.5kgs! It’s been over 3 weeks that I’ve now changed my dinner to a fruit meal, and I feel so good. Bhavna is truly a nutritional wizard and I recommend her for a healthy you.

- Parul Doshi

Delicious & nutritious raw food recipes !

I am Abundantly grateful to Bhavna for her guidance, support, contribution through online sessions, delicious & nutritious raw food recipes of Cleanse..!! I am so glad to share that I’ve started enjoying Raw food more than cooked food when I realized eating Vegan cheese sandwich as it was not as tasty as raw salads & fruit dishes of Cleanse!

- Sunali

I lost weight without any deprivation

I like the overall experience of being coached by Bhavna, especially her customizing the plan patiently to my current system.

I was beautifully introduced to the world of vegan. I like her variety of recipes for salad in my diet. I was able to lose weight, without any deprivation. My food is more colorful and interesting now. My acidity, bloating and related discomforts are all gone, sweet cravings are much reduced. I feel a lot more awareness about the food I am eating and how it is affecting me.

Overall I felt quite relaxed under her program as she doesn’t rush up things and gives time to adjust.

- Neha Gupta

I feel so free and liberated.

I turned vegan after coming to know about the detrimental effects of dairy on our health. But I wasn’t sure, I was apprehensive about whether my nutritional intake would be good enough after turning vegan and whether I am eating the right amount of food; right kind of food. Besides I was suffering from severe bloating, gas and acidity and bad headaches.

That is when I met Bhavna and she guided me on taking the necessary steps, in my diet and lifestyle, and these problems have completely faded away from my life.

After a few months, my headaches resurfaced, which was a cause of concern for me. That is when Bhavna guided me to go off gluten completely and after doing that my headaches have disappeared. I feel so free, I feel so liberated. I didn’t know that food was actually causing me so many problems.

Overall, my energy level has increased leaps and bounds. Earlier when I did not get that afternoon nap, I used to often fall sick. Today I’m on my toes all day feeling very light and energetic.

So the journey has been beautiful and it is such a gratifying feeling to be eating right and consuming food that is cruelty-free and which is actually conducive to your health.

One thing which I was doubting in the initial phase of my journey in Veganism was that I would be losing variety in my food but believe me, with Bhavna, there’s a plenitude of options, recipes of every kind including desserts and baked.  My taste buds are happy and I don’t miss the food that I was eating prior to being a vegan at all.

- Vartika Kukreti

I’ve learned about listening to my body, understanding when it is full, and saying no when I don’t need to eat something.

For a few years, it was difficult for me to lose weight (perhaps due to hormone-related issues), and I kept jumping from diet to diet trying to lose more weight.

After consulting Bhavna, I am calmer, happier, more energetic. Additionally, I have definitely lost a lot of fat, because even when I was ~10 kg lighter, the clothes that weren’t fitting me then are fitting me now. My periods are more regular (they come exactly one month apart now) and I have significantly less cramps.

The program was very holistic as it included guidance on exercise, meditation, and food, and what I loved was that it was totally personalized to me.

My biggest take away from the sessions is that I read the ingredients of everything now. I avoid processed foods and eat mindfully at restaurants. I did not know how harmful tea and coffee was for me either.

I’ve also learned about listening to my body, understanding when it is full, and saying no when I don’t need to eat something.

- Puja Shivlani

My bloating, acidity and migraine have completely vanished.


‘I had health issues in terms of severe bloating which was making me uncomfortable. Despite medication for 3 weeks, it was still bothering me. I was even asked to do endoscopy but before that I was introduced to Bhavna and following your program was a huge help.

I have not had a single instance of bloating since we began. 

In the course of 2 months, my bloating, acidity and migraine have completely vanished. The program taught me how to simplify some other things I was doing. The understanding became clearer and also it was simple to follow.

My biggest take back from these sessions is – that I have gained clear insight into practicing a healthy vegan lifestyle, allowing our boy to heal itself through food scheduling and fasting.’


- Viraj Ghate

I have lost 4 kilos and am getting my monthly cycle regularly, without any medicine. 

I consulted Bhavna because I was suffering from bloating, PCOS (since a long time) and to manage my weight. I am a student living in the U.S., pursuing tennis and hence really very busy.

Bhavna worked out really simple meal plans for me which I could easily execute. This helped me have regular and balanced meals which also provided me with nutrients I needed as a sports person, without depending on meat and dairy products. She helped me understand that animal products and sugar were disrupting my hormones. 

Within a few weeks into the plan, I started feeling light and active. I have lost 4 kilos and am now getting my monthly cycle regularly, without any medicine. 


- Tanya Madhok

My relationship with food has changed forever.

I used to be really sick as a kid and allergic to almost everything. It was only when I made a shift in my dietary patterns and diligently followed Bhavna’s suggested routine, did I realize the junk I had been feeding myself for the past 25 years. I was skeptical at first with so many changes but Bhavna made sure, there are only incremental changes.

Week 1 was tough but there after I became addicted to the freshness and vitality that the food intake brought me. I got instantaneous results. I experienced tremendous weight loss and increased energy.

With the juices and smoothies, my family thought I had gone crazy, but it soon spread to everyone in my house and now everyone is an addict!

I no longer get wheezing and breathing problems which I did in the past, no longer get face pimples and no longer have a paunch! I think of my daily intake as something really sacred and my relationship with food has changed forever.

I feel I have lost 5-6 kilos in the first 6 weeks itself and reached my ideal weight as per my height.

The most valuable aspect of my sessions was the fact that everything was easy to adapt, everything was so natural for my body and so cost-effective. The fact that I have not fallen sick even once since the last 6 months proves my increased level of immunity to seasonal changes and other illnesses.

- Ankit Ruparel

My bp is in control even with just one tablet, and my doctor is hopeful that this one will go soon too!

I have been a cyclist since childhood and very fitness conscious and thought I was eating healthy because I was vegetarian. I was diagnosed with high cholesterol levels and later with hypertension as well.

I wasn’t happy because I don’t like chemicals and knew the medicine could never heal. I was told I have to take it for life, and not one but 3 bp meds including 1 beta-blocker and a statin (please check online for the side effects of these medicines).

Luckily for me I was guided to Bhavna, and after following the diet suggested, I am having only one tablet instead 4! My bp is in control even with just one tablet, and my doctor is hopeful that this one will go soon too!

I am happy to dedicate myself to this lifestyle change. I have learnt to cook healthy and supervise my meals. I have stopped using the microwave, nonstick cookware, and replaced them with steel or iron. My energy levels have definitely gone up. I’m feeling great.

I wish to make it easier for everyone to transition to this lifestyle, and therefore I have put all products under a single roof – Rare Earth – the organic store! I truly wish and hope to see a healthy India.

- Shammi Sethi

I am more energetic, feel younger and can even walk faster.

I have suffered from psoriasis for the last many years. I always felt low on energy and was addicted to endless cups of tea. I never knew that my condition could improve. But following the diet and suggestions by Bhavna, in a really short time, I can feel a change. I am more energetic, feel younger and can even walk faster. My need for tea much reduced. My eyesight has improved and I can read without my glasses. I feel more positive with the relaxation technique.

- Gajanan Naik (Mumbai)

I am more aware and have become mindful of what and when I eat. 

I am always on the go as I am in film industry, long work hours, sleepless nights was a common problem among many. I had bad food habits, had low energy and used to be lethargic throughout the day.

When I attended Bhavna’s Raw Yoga Glow Workshop, I not only enjoyed the session, but couldn’t believe that raw food can taste and fill someone so well. Myths of years were busted.

Soon after, I went for consultation and there’s been no turning back. In just a month or so, I’ve lost 7 kilos and 2 inches. I can fit in my old denims comfortably. My sleep is much more peaceful. I am able to connect more and go much deeper in my Yoga and meditation practice all thanks to the food I eat now! I don’t feel acidic anymore.

My energy levels are superb and feel light and fresh all through the day. I am more aware and have become mindful of what and when I eat. I am a lot less irritable. Cravings are much reduced. My profession is uncertain, however now uncertainty doesn’t affect anymore. Now, it has become a lifestyle more than a diet.

- Jude Fernandes

It felt impossible to do but the beautifully and carefully designed menu made it possible. 

Thanks a lot, Bhavana for this lovely program. By the name of the program, (Raw cleanse) it felt impossible to do but your beautifully and carefully designed menu made everything so simple and enjoyable. Each and every recipe was delicious, simply loved it. 🥰

- Monika Mehrotra

It has been a real cleanse of mind, body and soul.

I’ve been vegan for over 4 years now and the journey has been all about learning and evolving. As a foodie, and an entrepreneur in the vegan restaurant scene, I’ve only always thought about trying a raw vegan cleanse. I’ve followed Bhavan/ healthnut on social media for a while now, which was always inspiring, but a raw diet lasted a day or just a meal and soon with the temptations of cooked food I’d succumb. With the lockdown and with time to think, many of us started giving the deserved importance to our own health and I was thankfully no exception. I stumbled upon the promotion for the cleanse programme and jumped at the opportunity. I had my doubts if I’ll be able to stick through, but must I confess that it was the best decision of my life wrt health. I can always give credit to the timing of it all, but I cannot not give credit to what an excellent coach Bhavna is. She had walked us through the programme before it even started, we had emailers and brilliant recipes sitting ready, and daily video calls that made us part of a movement. A movement of self love, healing and understanding that food is thy medicine. In just three days I felt rejuvenated, refreshed and NEW. I felt my body was thanking me for this wonderful vacation I had gifted it. My digestive system was not only cleaner but my energy levels were up and my mood too was elevated. The tips, recipes and science shared stays with me and I’m proud that the cleanse kick started a journey for me where food will never be viewed the same way. I have atleast one raw meal a day if not two and I’m loving my new affair with my body and food. Not to sound dramatic but it has been a real cleanse of mind, body and soul. I have so much respect for Bhavna and the entire initiative, and I’m truly grateful to have been part of it.

- Sanjna Muttreja

I could feel how relaxed my gut was.

The raw diet was something that was a completely new experience, though challenging at the beginning, by the end of three days I felt much lighter and was less bloated. It was really refreshing and the different recipes that came with the challenge were interesting and delicious. I would definitely do it again as it made me feel energetic and I could feel how relaxed my gut was. Overall it was a fantastic experience and I look forward to do it again!

- Deepali Rathod

It was a new beginning for me during the lockdown. 

In this lockdown my daughter-in-law shared the Salad recipes with me and asked me to try and assured me that I will enjoy them. So I started trying the recipes and everyday it was giving me lots of enthusiasm and a different angle of looking at the kitchen. Finally after 21 days of trying I felt why can’t I try doing something new as a business or a venture. And then we started taking orders of Salad recipes given by Bhavna. It was really a new beginning for me during the lockdown. Thank you Bhavna. 

- Kalpana Khira

I have totally become a salads person. 

Bhavna made me realise that getting your veggie fix correct is the most basic step towards building body immunity. So that’s when I started and I think her challenge has completely changed my take on salads. Before taking up this 21 Day salad challenge, my entire family’s take on salads was just cutting a bunch of cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots- this is what we would do. But my horizon has expanded. Bhavna’s salads are firstly extremely organised; she gives a list of ingredients at the beginning of each week and there’s a little bit of everything- there’s some green leaves, there’s some veggies, nuts and dates and all her salads are plant based- that was really important to me. They are very light, very fresh, they are very easy and handy to make. It took me only half an hour everyday to make those salads. They were so wholesome and fulfilling – a bunch of things put together. I have totally become a salads person and have learnt to toss up interesting salad even without following a particular recipe. 

- Shruti Agrawal

No bad breath. No hunger pangs. No bloating. No guilt .

I am feeling nourished inside out. I really wanted to feel to have the motivation to work towards integrated growth mentally and physically t and with this course I feel I have it back. In just 7 days, my skin has shown a difference and my focus has improved too. I haven’t felt the need for an afternoon nap with this. 

No bad breath.

No hunger pangs.

No bloating. 

No guilt. 

- Sheetal Punjabi

I feel energized and light and mainly the program helped me become more mindful about my food. 

I feel energized and light and mainly I have become more mindful about my food and hunger. Yes weight loss is an additional benefit that you get out of this program but I see it as more of a relationship with food and about mindfully eating and thinking about food as something that nourishes you and it is as a medicine for your body. I highly recommend this program because there are a lot of positive takeaways that you can take from this program. Thank you very much team Healthnut, thankyou Bhavna for this awesome one week that I had with you and I’m sure that I’ll be continuing a few of the tips that you have given as long as I can for a long time. 

- Shweta Warke

I feel like the system is working, I don’t feel lethargic. 

If people think that Detox is about only fasting and depriving yourself, this program was the opposite of that. In fact, you end up eating a ton of really colorful foods. I appreciated that the whole thing was wholefood plant-based. As somebody who anyway eats that way, I still found it useful because there were so many foods that I tend to ignore and perhaps don’t reach out and buy when I do my groceries. There are foods that I only cook and I didn’t know that I could include them in my salads. Overall I felt really good. I’ve definitely dropped some weight and feel full of energy; I feel like the system is working, I don’t feel lethargic. I’ve done all of this during the lockdown. In fact, it even, kind of is a ‘pick me up’; it really makes you feel positive- eating like this and connecting with the group. 

- Namu Kini

Bhavna’s coaching has been incredibly helpful in my journey to eating clean, nutritious and wholesome food.

Over the years Bhavna’s coaching has been incredibly helpful in my journey to eating clean, nutritious and wholesome food. Her programmes are well put together, informative and practical to follow. She shares innumerable global and local recipes that are not only delicious but also easy to make. Her course material is well designed and effortless to follow. She often introduces delectable new ingredients along with the information to source them easily. She equips you with everything you need to make your clean eating journey easy and joyful. Love that she hosts an engaged community of like-minded people who walk with you and support you.


- Sampada Chaudhari

I highly recommend Cooking classes by Health Nut as they have helped us eat yummy and healthy.

We had a major health scare at home, and it became imperative to change the way we think about tasty food and to incorporate healthy food habits into our lives.

The classes went off really well and it was interesting to see how certain things like – substituting sugar and oil free cooking that are perceived as extremely difficult are not and can easily and seamlessly be incorporated into our daily cooking. Each thing taught has been very useful and insightful! And the fact that we got a Cook book in Hindi that my cook can read is amazing!


- Pallavi Rohtagi

My acid reflux has considerably reduced.


I had severe acid reflux and was struggling a lot of health-wise because of that. The diet plan suggested by her made a lot of sense and felt customized to suit my needs and lifestyle. The best part of the coaching plan was that it included a lot of natural things like fruit and vegetables. I can see a lot of improvement in my health already. Acid reflux has considerably reduced. Although I am still on medication and the diet has played a big part in calming down the symptoms. I am sure it will soon be a thing of the past.”

- Kawal Jyot Kaur

I am feeling lighter and happier. I am sleeping better too!

I have been exploring Plant based diets for more than a year in a bid to lose weight. Menopause and arthritis were making it more difficult for me to shed the extra kilos. And then my sister’s experience at a Detox camp got me intrigued. As destiny would have it, I got Bhavna’s message about the CLEANSE workshop just in time. I signed up immediately!
One of my biggest apprehensions was whether a totally raw diet can keep me satiated and prevent craving. Bhavna’s diet plan ensured both these were taken care of. I felt so content that I didn’t even feel the need to have the mid morning or evening juices/fruit bowls. The menu has been curated so well ; all the recipes are so tasty that I didn’t crave cooked food at all. I have also gone totally vegan and not missing my morning and evening tea. I lost 2 kg with just the 3 day Raw program!!
The cherry on the cake has been the “you are looking fresh” from a lot of friends..
I continue to follow most of the directions that Bhavna gave and I am feeling lighter and happier. I am sleeping better too!
I plan to have one grain free meal everyday (in addition to the fruit only breakfast) and go Raw once a week.
Iam very thrilled and hope to continue the good results I have achieved in the last 10 days.
Thanks Bhavna for kickstarting a healthy year for me. ❤

- Babita Raja

I have lost 3.5 kgs in 7 days.

In the last 7 days I have felt light and great after every meal and I am surprised that I have no cravings. I am off tea/ coffee and junk and I have lost 3.5 kgs in 7 days. I am going to continue this and also incorporate all the recipes and other things you’ve taught in the program.

- Priyanka Deogaonkar

I have lost 3 kgs in just a month, I feel much lighter, get better sleep and have developed a ‘conscious food eating’ habit! 

When I joined the six weeks program, I had a preconceived notion that I had joined to learn something about weight management here. But I ended up learning so many things about food, meat and dairy products, sugar and processed food, relaxation and meditation!

Of course, some great recipes were a part of the sessions. It’s a transformational course in all aspects of a life. And good health is a byproduct of that.

I have lost 3 kgs in a month itself, I feel much lighter, get better sleep and have developed a ‘conscious food eating’ habit! I wish health nut all the very best.’

- Vijay Viragi

I’ve felt a marked improvement in my bowel movement and constipation seems like a thing of past.

Hi,I took the 3 day course with the hope to introduce fresh/raw foods & fruits into daily eating. I’ve realised healthy eating takes conscious effort. Breaking out of a conditioned habit is tough and during the course I learnt tips that enabled a perspective that how simple and satisfactory it is to include raw, healthy foods into your daily diet. I’ve felt a marked improvement in my bowel movement and constipation seems like a thing of past. I’ve appreciated the carefully crafted recipes and they’re delicious and not bland or boring. It takes some effort but it’s worth it! Thank you Bhavna for sharing this much needed knowledge!! 🙏🙂

- Saurabh Muthye

I am leading a life of abundance of energy. 

I had accepted that medication for anxiety issues, digestion related problems and low energy levels are normal for anyone these days. I had no relief from these even after doing yoga and walk everyday. After taking health coaching sessions from Bhavna (Health Nut), I started feeling better within 20 days itself. With her detailed guidance over the next few months my anxiety, and gut related issues nearly disappeared. I have lost weight and am also doing fitness training now.

I am taking only one medicine right now and that is my FOOD. I am leading a life of abundance of energy. I will suggest anyone who really want to be healthy, to start with plant based foods and that is the key to health.

- Anchal Agarwal

Bhavna has helped me with my stress management and pushed me towards a positive mindset.

Hi all, I’m Swati Singla and I’m a full time working mom to two kids and I live in Dallas, Texas. As per me, I’ve been eating clean and living a healthy lifestyle since always but still I could see decline in my energy levels with time and my severe headache issues getting worse. I’ve been taking painkillers since 13 years now to manage my headache – what doctors called as ‘early migrane’ probably. I was told with this hectic lifestyle, it is totally acceptable to take 2 painkillers per week. Especially at the moments when I would step out of the house on vacations or parties etc., I’d be on constant painkillers. But Bhavna helped me to fix this problem. I could never really think anything or anybody in this world could fix this problem but I’m so very thankful to Bhavna that she did it. She really helped me. Her guidance to holistic change in life approach where I don’t do any stress eating to manage my weight, to manage my headache problem any longer. Following her guidance implicitly moved me towards the betterment of life inside and out. She has helped me with my stress management and pushed me towards a positive mindset. Thankyou so much Bhavna for doing this great work. No words in this world can justify the work you are doing. Sometimes I think that you probably have a magic wand that at such a long distance you could fix me. Thankyou. Thankyou so much.

- Swati Singla