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So marvelous is our body, it is always working to heal itself and be in its healthiest state. It is we, with our habits and mindsets that come in its way. In our rushed, fast paced lives, we tend to lose connection with ourselves, our body and nature, ignore our body’s messages, are misled by advertisements and seek quick fixes in magic pills. No wonder disease has become so common.

But this need not be. I re-wrote my script and so can you!
My awakening happened 10 years ago.

An Unexpected


As a sought after scriptwriter in the Mumbai television industry, I was winning accolades for creating cliff hanging plot twists each day. Outside the reel, my own health was hanging by the cliff. I struggled with chronic acidity, bloating, sinus, mood swings, allergies, joint pain, low immunity and plummeting energy levels.

I was doing everything in the rule book – eating every few hours, getting regular visits to the doc, working out and yoga, yet I not feeling well.

ditching my
Health Management Approach

This led me to seriously question my ‘health management approach’ and seek a different approach.
Switching to a wholesome plant based diet was the first step. I felt miraculously healed within and gave me the thrust to dig deeper and reinvent my whole life – from habits, choices, thought patterns, relationships and life goals.

The last 10 years have just been so incredible, that I am profoundly grateful for each day, and especially because I am getting to serve you.

As a coach my mission to empower you to experience this incredible feeling of health and oneness with yourself and the universe.

My Health


Being healthy need not involve popping pills and supplements, fad diets, that fancy super food on the shelf or spending hours in the gym. In fact quite the opposite. It should be simple, doable, pocket friendly and not boring. Here’s what I believe – Health lies in building healthier simple daily habits that we can sustain over life.

It is built on a foundation of nourishing foods, movement, quality sleep and positive thoughts.
Moreover getting healthy involves deeper engagement with ourselves, learning to listen to our body and trusting our intuitive wisdom.We can be truly healthy and happy when we truly sync with our environment and the suffering of other beings.

Health is not something you need to chase. It is a natural outcome of a healthy lifestyle. Which leads me to why this site exists. To serve you.

Its not an all or nothing approach here. Get on board wherever you are and let me support in rewriting your health story.

Official BIO

Bhavna Kapoor is one of the pioneer health coaches specializing in Plant based nutrition, Eating Psychology and Yoga. She is deeply devoted to the study and practice of healing through integrative natural therapies and equally fascinated with the power of the mind in health and healing. She integrates all her learnings into a uniquely holistic approach to health.

A prolific writer, blogger and food activist, her work and recipes have been featured in major dailies such as Mumbai Mirror, The Times of India, Mid-Day and The Week. She has hosted a health show on Radio One (Mumbai) and has an online cookery Show called ‘Healthy Vegan Cooking with Bhavna Kapoor.'

Holistic Health Coach - Institute of Integrative Nutrition (New York)
Mind Body Health Coach - Institute for the Psychology of Eating (Boulder, Colarado)
Plant Based Certification - Sharan India
Nature Cure - IMANAH
Yoga (Iyengar Tradition) - Yog Ganga Centre For Yoga Studies (Dehradun)