Get on board to make veggies the new normal. A daily does of fresh seasonal veggies can give a boost to your immune system, help you detoxify, lose weight and energize you.

The challenge is simple – MAKE ONE NEW SALAD EVERYDAY FOR 21 DAYS! Have the salad as a side or as a main meal! Along the way, learn tips and tricks to put together delicious simple salads every day!

We make it super simple for you – by providing super delicious and innovative salad recipes, a shopping list, substitution list and variations for each salad so that you are not left with any excuses!

What is included:- 

  • 21 Salad Recipes
  • A step by step pictorial guide for each recipe 
  • Variations and substitution list for each salad 
  • Weekly ingredient list (affordable and manageable)
  • 3 videos with powerful hacks and tips to create new salads from what you have available. 

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