Learning to listen to nature’s most amazing creation

So the book I read is called ‘Fit for Life’ by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond..

Essentially it is a book for weight loss, for Americans, but I now think a few chapters of the book should have been a part of our school biology curriculum, because it is so totally fantastic to read and know how we really function.

The chapter that explained the fruits in the morning has to do with something called our natural body cycles – of digestion, absorption and elimination. he explains – from afternoon to about 8 in the evening our body is busy digesting food. At night, while we sleep, it is doing the job of absorbing, and early morning to about noon is the time it is eliminating toxins and waste.

This is the time to have fruits for a few reasons –

–       fruits are predigested. They hardly require any energy to go through the system. Hence the body is left to do what it is supposed to spend all its energy doing – eliminating toxins and waste.

Now if we have super heavy foods at this time in the morning, a lot more of our energy would be diverted to digesting (digestion is one of the most energy absorbing functions of our body), and not eliminating. And this stuff that is not eliminated remaining in our system is the cause of many problems and health issues.

–       Fruits have live enzymes that also help in elimination.

So essentially fruits had in the morning help us detoxify our system on a daily basis, and remove everything from our system that we don’t need. (and the detox easily makes us lose weight – since the book is for those trying to lose weight).

–       Since fruits are not cooked, they have maximum nutrients, that are also easily absorbable. (so this explains why I stopped craving).

So this is basically what happened, when I started having the fruits.

Some things I experienced in the first month, that were sure indications that I was doing good –

One day I was over at a friend’s place early in the morning. As we sat down for breakfast, there were no fruits on the offer. So I decided to have a cup of tea and a multigrain toast with fresh cherry preserve on it.. This preserve I’ve had a few times before, and I LOVE it..

But you know what.. I didn’t enjoy this cuppa or the toast or the cherry preserve at all. I found it dry and not refreshing enough as the fruits. I missed my fruits that morning (was I becoming fruit addicted ??)

A couple of weeks into the regime, my maid was on a chutti. I ended up having maggi for lunch. Now I always look forward to fully relishing Maggi and Mc Donalds burgers because I have them once in a while only..

But three hours after the Maggi lunch, I felt my stomach full of acidity.. My system that had gotten used to the good stuff, had obviously not liked the toxic maggi and wanted it out asap !

It sounds funny now as I write it, but it’s almost a bit spiritual – learning to listen to what your body is trying to say to you.. watching out for signals, identifying what they mean.

This is something I loved reading from the book, that I am slowly coming to believe,  ‘The human body has to be nature’s finest creation. It is unmatched in power, capacity and adaptability. The intelligence inherent in our bodies is so vast that it is positively staggering….

….The same way a plant will reach for the light source from wherever it is located in the room, so your body will forever strive for perfection. As an automatic biological process of existence, just like breathing and blinking your eyes, the human body ceaselessly tries to be fit.’

We only need to help it do this 🙂

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Lovely article and nice blog..learnt something something interesting from your article- about our body trying to attain perfection. I think this is a place where I’ll keep coming again and again. 🙂

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