Post New Year System Reboot :)

I was on a week long holiday to Delhi and Ranthambore over the turn of the year! A complete switch off from work, a break from the routine, family time and connecting with nature, and wildlife. It was a complete mental reboot!

However being in Delhi at the peak of winter, with family obviously led to major food indulgences aka fried, spicy, processed foods, and gluten overdose ( thankfully stayed off dairy and alcohol). As we crossed over to Rajasthan for into the wild, a generous dose of spice and chilly were automatically added to this list ! It was a week of break for me – but an overload time for my stomach and it showed all the symptoms.

So once back, I knew I needed to give my system a restorative break or reboot. So here’s what I did.

I started right on the morning flight back to Mumbai. I skipped the in-flight breakfast completely and opted instead for a few bowls of cut fruit.

Back at home, through the rest of the day I alternated between 2 glasses of green juice, 2 fruit smoothies ( strawberries, pineapples, bananas and dates),  apples, and a couple of cups of warm fresh herb infusion.

The juices cleansed, the smoothies gave energy, and the herb tea was soothing. They all alkalized my system in a jiffy!

I felt a little heaviness in the head for some time, and this could be because of sudden change in food regimen, but the fruit and smoothies helped counter that and also helped me feel full . How heavenly my stomach felt in less than a day. It was unbelievable 🙂

I ended the day with some lovely home cooked dinner with a friend – a salad, a lightly cooked coconut based vegetable curry and brown rice. We also had vegan raw brownie for dessert 🙂

There’s been no time to continue this way ( though I would have loved to), as I dived head long into work on Monday. So I did the next best thing. I incorporated a few changes in my daily diet for the week. I increased my fruit intake in the morning, my intake of vegetable juice in the day and a vegetable soup in the evening before dinner. These additions will ensure I get more fruit and vegetable in, than I ordinarily do. Little tweeking – but something that will go a long way to restore balance. Whats more, small changes over a period of time, create a big difference, and build not just healthy habits , but health, vitality, and immunity 🙂

When it comes to changing habits for better health, I’ve always seen – the bigger the scale, the quicker you fail. One small step is all we need to take. Decide on what that step is. Do it everyday. Make it sing. Declare victory. Move to the next step. Build good health 🙂 Resolve this year!

mental reboot – feeding tiger birds at Ranthambore national park
Chikoo smoothie
system reboot – fruit only smoothies 🙂

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