Cheese Toast



What is life without a cheese  toast?
Hopeless and boring

Per 100gms of regular dairy cheese contains 21 gms or more of saturated fat, zero fiber, hormones and pus cells from cows, and concentrated animal protein along with a cocktail of emulsifiers and preservatives to keep them on the shelf for long…

Thankfully there is hope in life because there is – VEGAN CHEESE!…

This cheese made with cashew nuts contains less than 6gm saturated fat, live probiotics to keep your gut happy, fiber and a host of minerals and vitamins ready for absorption! It is also so so simple to make.

Here goes the recipe :- Ingredients
1 cup cashews soaked for 4 hours
1/3 tsp rock salt


1) Drain the water and wash thoroughly (with drinking water).
2) Blend the cashews into a smooth paste adding little water (as required).
3) Place in a glass jar. Make sure the jar is only half full as the cheese will need that much space when in the making.
4) Close the lid lightly and leave it in a place where it will not be disturbed to ferment.
5) In summer it takes approximately 12-14 hours. In winter it could take 24 hours or more. You could keep it in an oven or cupboard and that will speeden up the process.(Once done, refrigerate. It will last 4-5 days).

You will know the cheese is ready when you see some air bubbles trapped inside. Add rock salt to this and refrigerate. Also feel free to flavour it with pepper, paprika, red chilli, fresh or dried herbs as you like.

Now just like regular cream cheese, mix in some chopped veggies like corn, onion, peppers etc., spread it on (glutenfree) bread and bake till crisp and dig in!

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