Healthy Ram Seed Mix

Glutenfree/ Nutfree/ Raw


Craving some crunchy munchy stuff? 

I know, we all are these days. 

Here is my Healthy Ram Seed Mix 

Unlike regular namkeen, it is not fried and does not contain any nasty chemicals you can’t pronounce. Yes it contains healthy fat, fiber and loads of minerals, hence just a little is really satisfying. 

Here goes (No exact measurements really, just how I like it) :- 

I took 1 cup of seeds which I had at home (sunflower, pumpkin, melon, flax, cucumber) and peanuts and pan roasted them. 

You could use whichever seeds you have at hand, also add a bit of chopped nuts or makhana (foxnut) if you like. 

Each of these needs to be roasted separately depending on their size, as they take different time to get roasted. 

Once done, mix them all and while still warm, pour a tbsp of tamari or soy sauce on them.  Mix well so that the seeds are covered. Leave them aside to dry. 

Store in an airtight box to retain their crunch. 

Have a couple of tbsp every day (believe me that is enough to make you feel satiated) or use this to sprinkle on soups or salads.

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