It has been a real cleanse of mind, body and soul.

I’ve been vegan for over 4 years now and the journey has been all about learning and evolving. As a foodie, and an entrepreneur in the vegan restaurant scene, I’ve only always thought about trying a raw vegan cleanse. I’ve followed Bhavan/ healthnut on social media for a while now, which was always inspiring, but a raw diet lasted a day or just a meal and soon with the temptations of cooked food I’d succumb. With the lockdown and with time to think, many of us started giving the deserved importance to our own health and I was thankfully no exception. I stumbled upon the promotion for the cleanse programme and jumped at the opportunity. I had my doubts if I’ll be able to stick through, but must I confess that it was the best decision of my life wrt health. I can always give credit to the timing of it all, but I cannot not give credit to what an excellent coach Bhavna is. She had walked us through the programme before it even started, we had emailers and brilliant recipes sitting ready, and daily video calls that made us part of a movement. A movement of self love, healing and understanding that food is thy medicine. In just three days I felt rejuvenated, refreshed and NEW. I felt my body was thanking me for this wonderful vacation I had gifted it. My digestive system was not only cleaner but my energy levels were up and my mood too was elevated. The tips, recipes and science shared stays with me and I’m proud that the cleanse kick started a journey for me where food will never be viewed the same way. I have atleast one raw meal a day if not two and I’m loving my new affair with my body and food. Not to sound dramatic but it has been a real cleanse of mind, body and soul. I have so much respect for Bhavna and the entire initiative, and I’m truly grateful to have been part of it.