I am feeling lighter and happier. I am sleeping better too!

I have been exploring Plant based diets for more than a year in a bid to lose weight. Menopause and arthritis were making it more difficult for me to shed the extra kilos. And then my sister’s experience at a Detox camp got me intrigued. As destiny would have it, I got Bhavna’s message about the CLEANSE workshop just in time. I signed up immediately!
One of my biggest apprehensions was whether a totally raw diet can keep me satiated and prevent craving. Bhavna’s diet plan ensured both these were taken care of. I felt so content that I didn’t even feel the need to have the mid morning or evening juices/fruit bowls. The menu has been curated so well ; all the recipes are so tasty that I didn’t crave cooked food at all. I have also gone totally vegan and not missing my morning and evening tea. I lost 2 kg with just the 3 day Raw program!!
The cherry on the cake has been the “you are looking fresh” from a lot of friends..
I continue to follow most of the directions that Bhavna gave and I am feeling lighter and happier. I am sleeping better too!
I plan to have one grain free meal everyday (in addition to the fruit only breakfast) and go Raw once a week.
Iam very thrilled and hope to continue the good results I have achieved in the last 10 days.
Thanks Bhavna for kickstarting a healthy year for me. ❤