I have totally become a salads person. 

Bhavna made me realise that getting your veggie fix correct is the most basic step towards building body immunity. So that’s when I started and I think her challenge has completely changed my take on salads. Before taking up this 21 Day salad challenge, my entire family’s take on salads was just cutting a bunch of cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots- this is what we would do. But my horizon has expanded. Bhavna’s salads are firstly extremely organised; she gives a list of ingredients at the beginning of each week and there’s a little bit of everything- there’s some green leaves, there’s some veggies, nuts and dates and all her salads are plant based- that was really important to me. They are very light, very fresh, they are very easy and handy to make. It took me only half an hour everyday to make those salads. They were so wholesome and fulfilling – a bunch of things put together. I have totally become a salads person and have learnt to toss up interesting salad even without following a particular recipe.