What Creates Disease?

Any disease – be it constipation or cancer, arises from acidic environment in the body.

All of us require an environment in which we can thrive. There is life on earth, because it has an environment conducive to life (as opposed to other planets where there is no life). People living in unpolluted regions undoubtedly enjoy better health or thrive than those living in polluted metros! The more polluted it gets, the sicker we get.

Similarly the cells of our body also thrive in an environment, and that environment is an alkaline environment. The ph balance of all liquids in our cells as well our blood is alkaline. If this environment becomes acidic, is when disease becomes inevitable in our body. This happens in two ways.

  1. Our cells begin to function below their optimum, they degenerate, organs degenerate, our immunity becomes low and hence we end with degenerative disease. Healthy cells thrive in an alkaline environment, and cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment.
  2. In an alkaline environment, the germs and bacteria in our body remain in a balance that is just right for us. However when environment is acidic they grow, and create imbalances and this creates toxicity and conditions for illness in the body.

Now what are the factors that lead to the body’s environment becoming alkaline or acidic? The main factors are – our food, water, the air and our thoughts.

Every food has a ph balance, either alkaline or acidic. Water as we all know is neutral, but these days, the pollutants in the water make water acidic also, and hence we need to purify it. Air, the more oxygen it has, the more health promoting it is. And lastly, our thoughts also play a major role in our well being. We all know that our immunity goes low and we are susceptible to fall sick, when we are stressed, or under pressure. And this is because positive and happy thoughts create alkalinity, and negative thoughts create acidity.

It is a little difficult to control the air, and thoughts take time in changing, but the one thing that we can change immediately to change the environment in our body is food. So here are the top 5 alkaline foods: –

  1. Lemons
  2. Watermelon
  3. Parsley
  4. Cucumber
  5. Broccoli

As you can see, they are all either fruit or vegetable family, in fact most fruits, and vegetables are alkaline, and eating more can ensure we remain alkaline.

And here are the top 5 acidic foods:-

  1.   Colas and soft drinks
  2.   Dairy
  3.   Meat
  4.   White sugar and all refined and artificial sweeteners
  5.   All processed and packaged foods

So if you want to avoid disease, say no to these 5 foods, and say yes to the top 5 alkaline foods.

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