So, few months ago I started a really interesting experiment to make a BIO ENZYME – a zero waste all purpose cleaner for mopping, utensils, toilet, hand wash and detergent for clothes and IT HAS BEEN A SUCCESS!

Yes, the jar you see in the picture is the Bio Enzyme! I am so excited to share with you how we made this!

It’s simply a marvel, how nature works and is so self sufficient!


A. Kitchen peels (fruit or citrus are great)

B. Jaggery powder

C. Water

Thats it! (Can you believe it? I couldn’t)

These are to be mixed in the proportion 3:1:10.
For 3 kg peels, use 1 kg jaggery and 10 litres water.
I had added lots of fruit and citrus peels and also lots of lemongrass.

3 kgs fruit peels. (in retrospect I should have chopped them into smaller pieces)
Added 1 kg jaggery powder in.
Added 10 litres water.
Added some additional lemongrass too!
Mixed everything up well.

CONTAINER – Place all these in an airtight container. It can be clay, ceramic, metal or plastic. The size of the container should be such that when all ingredients are placed inside, there should be an empty space of 15-20% on top.
IMPORTANT – Please ENSURE that the container is airtight or else the experiment will not be successful. I had to change several containers to get it right. Finally got a plastic can with a screw lid.

NEXT – Seal the container and open it once a day to let the air out for the first 10 days or so. For the next 20, you could open it once every several days as the microbial activity inside will stabilize. In a month’s time, there should be a white layer on top.

Now is the time to seal it and let it be for 2 months. Just keep it aside and don’t move or disturb it.

Microbial activity will be on in the jar; the jaggery will accelerate the process.
And 2 months later – IT’S READY!!!

When I opened mine, there was a thin white layer on it (check the photo below), and I thought I would be hit by the smell of rotting peels. But I was pleasantly surprised that it was smelling really fresh, citrusy and amazing . This is a sign that the bio enzyme has not gone bad and it is good to use.

Since I had not chopped the peels small, I still had big pieces of fruit that had not disintegrated. I blended them with the liquid.

Essentially you will get two layers in this bio enzyme.

Thin watery enzyme on top – this can be used for floor and surface cleaning.

Thick blend settled at the bottom – this can be used as a toilet cleaner, and if further thickened can be used for cleaning utensils.

For handwash and detergent, this liquid will need to be soaked with soap nuts (will share details soon, once I have tried it).

Isn’t this amazing? A completely non chemical, zero plastic, zero waste cleaner, made out of literally waste peels and jaggery!

Your turn now, have you tried making anything zero waste, chemical free at home? How did it go and what inspired you?

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