Would you like to be more energetic at the start and end of your day? Would you like to eat all you want and yet feel lighter and weigh less? Would you like to have better digestion and glowing skin Would you like to learn daily rituals to support your health? Would you like to experience a natural way of living, which can keep you healthy and active now and as you age?

Would you like to learn healthy cooking techniques that even your kids find delicious?  Would you like to improve your medical reports? Would you like to learn to prevent chronic diseases like diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and even cancer? Nurture is an invitation to PAUSE from the trajectory of your current busy life. It is a chance to EXPERIENCE the healing POWER of natural living.


Nurture is conducted by 3 renowned health and wellness experts. It is an opportunity to UPGRADE your knowledge with the latest scientific discoveries in nutrition and lifestyle as a powerful medicine.


WHERE :Baikunth Resort Kasauli. 

Kasauli, a small hill town in Himachal Pradesh, is home to colonial-era houses, orchards, and green-roofed churches. March is the perfect time to be here. The winter chill has just given way to the warm springtime sunshine. Wild red rhododendrons are in full bloom and forests infused with the aromas of the pines.

Set amidst 5 acres of pristine pine forests, Baikunth resort is a haven of tranquillity. It has a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains with vast stretches of blue skies overhead speckled with puffy white clouds, spectacular sunsets that darken into starlit skies. 

The only sounds to be heard are the soft rustling of the trees and the distant calls of the birds. The resort offers comfort and luxury in the lap of nature.  Each room & cottage has its own private balcony or courtyard with a majestic view of the valley and the Kasauli hills.

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The six best doctors,

sunshine, water, rest,

air, exercise and diet.

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