Prerecorded Webinar and Cooking Series 
Health Nut and My Pure Path come together to help you experience
the magic of millets.
The series consists of 3 videos and 9 live recipe demonstrations to
help you become confident and empowered to use millets in your
daily cooking!

Watch the introductory webinar to learn more –
– The benefits of major, minor and pseudo millets.
– Difference between polished and unpolished millets.
– How to cook different millets and incorporate them into your daily
– Practical tips, buying, storage substitutions and variations.

Recipes Demonstrated
Video 1 – Millet Pita Pockets, Walnut Raisin Loaf, Super Seed
Video 2 – Shroom Millet Burger, Millet Sushi, Millet Halva
Video 3 – Millet Seed Bread (yeast free), Barbeque Millet Bake,
Millet Ice cream

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