Glutenfree/ Nutfree

This one is done without oil, and believe me you will not miss it. The coconut provides a lot of richness and the crunchy beans and tempering add that freshness and zing. 



2- 3 cups finely chopped french beans. .   

1 onion finely chopped    

1/4 coconut grated   

1 green chilli (finely chopped)

Salt to taste  Tempering

1/2 tsp mustard seeds

1 strand curry leaf

1 dry red chili 

a pinch of asafoetida 

1 tsp split black gram (urad dal) 

Method : 

1.  Heat the pan and splutter the mustard seeds.

2.  Add the dry red chilly, split black gram, asafoetida and curry leaves.

3.  Saute the onions and green chilies, for a minute or till the onion sweats, you may sprinkle some water if it starts going too dry.

4. Add the chopped vegetables and salt.

5.  Cook covered for about 5 minutes, sprinkling a few drops of water if needed. Sometimes the vegetables do not need water at all.

6. Finally add the fresh grated coconut, mix well with the cooked vegetable and switch off.
Have it by itself (I often do) or serve it as a side or with rice, roti or appam! 
Variations :- You can also do this with a combination of vegetables like carrots, green peas, radish and cabbage. 
Serves 4 

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