Iron man Chocolate Milk Shake

Glutenfree/ Raw

Chocolate Smoothie1

This smoothie is a perfect example of a recipe that could contain potentially hazardous ingredients :- 

  • highly processed and chemical laden, sugary drinking chocolate 
  • zero nutrient, empty calorie sugar
  • Hormone, antibiotic, pus laden and acidic milk 

We’ve literally traded the above for natural, unprocessed nutrient dense ingredients and the result is that you get a power packed milk shake. Thats why I call it the IRON MAN CHOCOLATE MILK SHAKE. 

The smoothie is a delicious cocktail of :-  

  • magnesium rich cacao (we use @masonandco or @urbanplatter)
  • iron rich dates 
  • protein rich almonds 
  • Calcium rich sesame 
  • Banana (not naming the nutrients here, as it just contains way too many to be fair) .

Plus the smoothie a full fibre, and lower in calories than its original counterpart. 

Ready to give this deliciousness a try ? 


1 tbsp. of sesame seeds- raw, organic, unpolished

 6 almonds

2-4 dates (de-seeded)

1 banana (optional)

1-2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (try Mason and Co or Urban Platter)

1 tsp vanilla extract

Chocolate smoothie bucket


Soak the almonds (with skin) and sesame separately for upto 4 hours. Drain the water. Wash with fresh water.

Grind the almonds and sesame together adding minimal water till smooth. Now add the remaining ingredients along with ice/water and blend till smooth.

Pour this deliciousness into a tall glass and serve. Garnish with chopped almonds or cacao nibs. 

Optional Flavours –  Add 1.5 tbsp peanut butter or 1 cardamom /a pinch of cinnamon /a pinch of saffron instead of cocoa powder.

Serves 2

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