I find is that despite best intentions, a lot of us slip up on eating healthy during travel because are not able to find a healthy option when hubger pangs strike. It could be cuz you are trying to catch an early morning flight and missed breakfast at your hotel, or you missed eating well due to a late night landing, or something in between. .

The trick to escape this is to carry something with you, which is light, fulfilling and versatile. .
So, today I am sharing with you my favorite AMARANTH GRANOLA recipe that can work as a munchy, snack, or quick breakfast. Its SOOOO easy to make, light to carry around and absolutely addictive! .
Amaranth is packed with protein and Rolled Oats are really filling and full of fibre (also help a great deal with bowel movements 😉 .


4 cups popped Amaranth
1/2 cup choice of broken nuts and seeds
½ cup Chopped dry fruits
¼ cup powdered sunflower seeds or cashew nuts
2 tbsp dry dates powder
1 cup Rolled Oats (optional)
1 tsp cinnamon powder .


Mix all the ingredients and keep in a zip lock pack. As a snack – just open the pack and munch on! .

As breakfast cereal – just take some in a bowl and pour some water on it. Let it sit for 20 min and then eat.
If you have fresh fruit, add on top for that extra oomph ☺ .

Some times I also like to bake this mixture (at 180 C) for about 20 min to make it slightly crunchy and toasted. But you can totally skip this step as well.
In the picture – A nice thick breakfast cereal made with the Granola on one of my impromptu travels last year! .

So, what are some of your healthy travel hacks that have really worked for you?

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