I feel so free and liberated.

I turned vegan after coming to know about the detrimental effects of dairy on our health. But I wasn’t sure, I was apprehensive about whether my nutritional intake would be good enough after turning vegan and whether I am eating the right amount of food; right kind of food. Besides I was suffering from severe bloating, gas and acidity and bad headaches.

That is when I met Bhavna and she guided me on taking the necessary steps, in my diet and lifestyle, and these problems have completely faded away from my life.

After a few months, my headaches resurfaced, which was a cause of concern for me. That is when Bhavna guided me to go off gluten completely and after doing that my headaches have disappeared. I feel so free, I feel so liberated. I didn’t know that food was actually causing me so many problems.

Overall, my energy level has increased leaps and bounds. Earlier when I did not get that afternoon nap, I used to often fall sick. Today I’m on my toes all day feeling very light and energetic.

So the journey has been beautiful and it is such a gratifying feeling to be eating right and consuming food that is cruelty-free and which is actually conducive to your health.

One thing which I was doubting in the initial phase of my journey in Veganism was that I would be losing variety in my food but believe me, with Bhavna, there’s a plenitude of options, recipes of every kind including desserts and baked.  My taste buds are happy and I don’t miss the food that I was eating prior to being a vegan at all.