My relationship with food has changed forever.

I used to be really sick as a kid and allergic to almost everything. It was only when I made a shift in my dietary patterns and diligently followed Bhavna’s suggested routine, did I realize the junk I had been feeding myself for the past 25 years. I was skeptical at first with so many changes but Bhavna made sure, there are only incremental changes.

Week 1 was tough but there after I became addicted to the freshness and vitality that the food intake brought me. I got instantaneous results. I experienced tremendous weight loss and increased energy.

With the juices and smoothies, my family thought I had gone crazy, but it soon spread to everyone in my house and now everyone is an addict!

I no longer get wheezing and breathing problems which I did in the past, no longer get face pimples and no longer have a paunch! I think of my daily intake as something really sacred and my relationship with food has changed forever.

I feel I have lost 5-6 kilos in the first 6 weeks itself and reached my ideal weight as per my height.

The most valuable aspect of my sessions was the fact that everything was easy to adapt, everything was so natural for my body and so cost-effective. The fact that I have not fallen sick even once since the last 6 months proves my increased level of immunity to seasonal changes and other illnesses.